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A Peaceful World

Extracted from The Dragon, Autumn 2001 Issue

To begin with, we need to forget about world peace and concentrate on our own individual peace. If we don't have individual peace, how can we create world peace which is so much further from us? To create peace in the world, we have to know individual peace. So, how do we create this peace in our own mind? What is the first step to take in our practice? It is only after finding individual peace that we will be in the right position to pray for collective peace.

The acquirement of peace depends on your realization. If you realize that the source of peace is the nature of your own mind, the purity of yourself, then you realize that you are already in a state of peace. However, if you don't realize the basic state that you are in (a state of peace), as long as you continue to struggle in ignorance, you won't be able to experience peace.

To illustrate, this is like a very poor person who has a great treasure hidden just underneath his bed, but who doesn't know that this treasure is there. Suppose some smart person comes along and tells him, "You have a great treasure under your floor." As soon as the poor man finds the treasure, he will realize that he has this great wealth and will feel tremendous gratitude and happiness. Similarly, we have a great peace in our mind, but we don't realize it. That is the reason why we struggle in this world, and why we see everything around us as destructive. Cars, money, houses and everything else appear destructive. Nothing may be left in this world that is not destructive.

Ultimate peace fully depends on your realization. You have to realize your own nature. Once you are able to do this, then you need not depend on a meal, or on the weather, or on going to a conference or meeting. Let's put it like this: peace does not depend on a piece of paper and some ink, with somebody coming to you and saying, "Now let's make this pact and agree to sign it!"

True peace does not depend on these external things; it fully depends on the mind. For instance, if I am in a very peaceful state, then I can at least share this state with my friends and family members. If I myself am not in peace, I can't share it with anybody else. Furthermore, nobody else will probably like me, because they will not feel a peaceful vibration coming from me because of my inner anger, restlessness or destructiveness. Even if I pretend to be relaxed, people will feel a strange kind of vibration coming from me and will definitely not be able to relax in my company. This is because of my restless nature and the fact that there's something wrong inside. The reflection of my inner state will be revealed in my face, my body and my actions. However, if I am in a state of peace then I can automatically share this peace with at least two or three people. In this way, if you have a great peace within yourself, you can share it with a great number of people. This fully depends on your mind. It fully depends on how much you can move yourself into a state of peace; a state that is totally the opposite of anger.

We have to pray for peace within ourselves and then collective peace will be there. Otherwise, if there is no individual peace, how can we create collective peace? There is no way! It's like making a pile of rice; you can only make it by adding one grain of rice on top of the other. Similarly, we have to understand that individual peace is very important in order to create collective peace.

Actually, you have to understand that peace is something that cannot go together with anger. Anger is the exact opposite of the peace. This is why we have to demolish our anger. Secondly, you need to develop an understanding about each other and demolish any misunderstanding you have towards yourself and the society in which you live. For example, you may have to understand the other members of your family and develop the skill of how to deal with your anger. You will then be in a position to share peace with each member of your family. However, if you don't understand each other you may complain that your brother is doing something wrong to you, which causes you to quarrel with him. He then won't understand your point of view, leading to a rift between you both. Then, the same rift will form between you and your sister-in-law, and peace in this little family will be lost. How will we then experience the most important issue; the peace within ourselves? It is this individual peace that we have to pray for.