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My Life, My Wishes

This video was released in February 2005, on the occasion of His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa's birthday celebration in Kathmandu. In this video, His Holiness talks about the valuable moments of his birth, upbringing and his wishes. In support of the video production, some of His Holiness's oldest students and friends have shared with Drukpa Publications (DPPL) a number of precious old photos of His Holiness, his parents and his gurus, as a collective gift to him on this special occasion celebrating his birthday (February 2005).

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Available with French and Chinese subtitles
Format: DVD-PAL (All Region)
Total running time: 35 minutes

Price: RM 6.99 (excluding postage, which will be calculated based on shipping address)

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Life has no beginning and it has no end. It is a cyclic existence full of endless yearning and suffering. Fortunately, great spiritual masters appear in our life to take care of our spiritual well-being and to eventually lead us to break this cycle. Their life stories serve as an example to many of us who wish to develop our spiritual strength. And today, we have the privilege of knowing one of them who lives in our time, teaching his followers the authentic and practical way to live a happy and easy life - His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa.

May all who watch this video be instilled with devotional mind towards all enlightened beings and their teachings! And may all enlightened masters live long and may their wishes be fulfilled effortlessly!