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A Tribute to Naropa & His Lineage

Released in December 2004, the book, a worthy collection for all those following the footsteps of the glorious lineage of Naropa, is bound in two volumes (hard-cover). With a total of over 870 pages and over 400 full-color snapshots taken before, during and after the Naropa Ceremony in 2004, the book also contains teachings given by H.H. the Twelfth Gyalwang Drukpa to his followers on 3rd July 2004 and subsequently during the Vajra Yogini retreat in Kortsa (his nunnery near Chumathang). His Holiness has also written a journal on the Naropa Ceremony and the pilgrimage in Ladakh.

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Volume I & II in English & French (Stored in a matching maroon box)
Total Pages of two volumes: 872 (full color)
Volume I 249 mm (w) x 278 mm (h) x 43 mm (d) ISBN 81-87048-02-6
Volume II 249 mm (w) x 278 mm (h) x 43 mm (d) ISBN 81-87048-03-4

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With more than 400 full-color snapshots (some never seen before even by the pilgrims during the pilgrimage with His Holiness), the text of book is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Preface (by His Holiness the Twelfth Gyalwang Drukpa)
  2. A Brief History of the Life of Naropa (by the Editorial Team of DPPL)
  3. My Journal of the Pilgrimage in 2004 (by His Holiness)
  4. Teaching by His Holiness on 3rd July 2004 (in Naropa Palace)
  5. Teaching given by His Holiness during the Vajra Yogini Retreat (Kortsa)/p>

His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa says in the 'Preface' of this book:

This collection of bits and pieces of my memory during the period I spent in Ladakh is just one of those good times that passed by very quickly, displaying the impermanent nature of samsara right before our eyes. I hope that those of you who were absent from some part or the entire journey of the Ladakh pilgrimage will also be able to enjoy the moments that I wholeheartedly experienced in the presence of the love of the local Himalayan people.

May this book "a collection of my useless gossip and snapshots" be a source of joy and happiness to all who see it!

Below are a few of the images you can find in the book: