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Snowfall of Love དཀར་པོ་གངས་རིའི་མགོན་པོ།

"Snowfall of Love" is a collection of 10 Tibetan songs written by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa, for the 5th Annual Drukpa Council. The songs describe devotion, love for His Eminence Zhichen Bairo Rinpoche (His Holiness's father), the importance of spiritual practice and understanding of karma and impermanence.

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Total running time: approximately 46 minutes


Price: USD 6.99 (excluding postage, which will be calculated based on shipping address)

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There are 10 different songs:

  1. Snowfall of Love (click to listen to the demo)
  2. Missing My Guru
  3. Sad Song
  4. Meaningless Life
  5. Our Wish-fulfilling Jewel (click to listen to the demo)
  6. Song of Devotion
  7. In Admiration of Indus
  8. A Tribute to My Father (Bairochana) (click to listen to the demo)
  9. Annual Drukpa Council
  10. The Treetop Almond (click to listen to the demo)