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Rhythm of the Stars

Rhythm of the Stars is the groundbreaking debut album of up-and-coming musical talents from #Ladakh, #India. This enclave of the Northern Indian Himalayas is defined by high altitude, extreme terrain, and an incredible sense of humanity. Known as the “Rooftop of the World”, this stretch of mountain desert is said to touch the stars themselves, both in appearance and in spirit. Rhythm of the Stars is an electronic album melding EDM with soulful lyrics and entrancing soundscapes, capturing the beauty and fragility of life. This artistic collaboration is the first of its kind in the region, pioneered by young native artists.

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Total running time: approximately 46 minutes

Proceeds from Rhythm of the Stars will benefit the victims of the Kerala flood that hit in the Summer of 2018. It killed hundreds of people and has left countless others homeless and in need.

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There are 7 tracks:

  1. Tangpo \ First
  2. Lokhel \ Trust
  3. Migyul \ Purpose
  4. Snyingstam \ Feelings
  5. Skeyul Ladakh \ Motherland Ladakh
  6. Dzawo \ Friends
  7. Chung Tus Ki Mitsay \ Story of Childhood