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Chotrul Duchen Prayer 2017


27 Feb-12 Mar 2017
Druk Amitabha Mountain, Kathmandu Nepal

Chötrul Düchen is one of the four holy Buddhist festivals commemorating four events in the life of the Buddha - the display of miracles by Lord Buddha. During the first fifteen days of the year, the Buddha displayed miracles for his disciples so as to increase their devotion. During those times, it is believed that the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied ten million times.

For those who are not able to attend the daily prayers at Naro Photang, Ladakh in person, you are welcome to sponsor the prayers by registering your name (one name)/with family here. Prayers will be dedicated in your name(s). The daily prayers will start on 1st day (27 February) and end on the 15th day (12 March), a grand dedication will be performed.

Chotrul Duchen 2017

Please check your names, if there are typos, kindly email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for corrections.

For entire Chötrul Düchen

  • Alice Mimi Choo
  • All Sentient Beings
  • Amy Chin
  • Angelika Heinkel
  • Beatrice Chan
  • Ben Heron & Family
  • Chan Ping Yiu
  • Cheong Keng Yeow, Wan Lai Khan, Wan Kok Yew
  • Christina Ng
  • Chua Ming Jie
  • Cindy Chan
  • Danielle, Edmée, Agathe Lahille & Lahille family
  • Duong Dang
  • Felicity Anne Hung
  • Foo Lee Feh
  • Gan Sock Hong
  • Gan Tack Kong
  • Guan Bei
  • Helen Lee & Family
  • Herve Laborieux
  • Ho Chee Wee & Family
  • Holy
  • Jackie Wong & Family
  • Jigme Semzang
  • John Wong Tsun Hin
  • Juan Daniel Millan
  • Ka Kay Yip
  • Keung Wing Kai
  • Kin Li & Family
  • Lau Hing Hon
  • Leong Moh Ye
  • Lim Hwee Bin
  • Lim Kim Ying
  • Liu Fe Chun & family
  • Louisa Kolega
  • Lua Hing Pui
  • Ma Tsemchen Thamchay
  • Mary Mik
  • Monika Cronjaeger
  • Ni Yuyan
  • Palden Sze
  • Pamela Beesley
  • Parkson Fan
  • Radmila Krieger
  • Ricky Sze
  • Shih Kwok Woon Ling
  • Sze Shun On
  • Szu Chiung Lin
  • Tian Nan
  • Timothy Kam
  • Tip Heng Ho
  • Tong Chau Yuet
  • Tong Fung Ming
  • Tong Yuet Man
  • Tsang Chan Wan Men & Family
  • Van Dinh
  • Van Pham Thi Bich
  • Vu Nghai & Family
  • Wu Tai
  • Yeoh Gin Nie
  • Yuen Ka Lai Carrie

For 7 Days

  • Leung Shuk Wai & Family