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Heritage Book Project


The Heritage Book project is a project envisioned by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa, to include records of monasteries, heritages and projects under the guidance of the Drukpa Lineage masters.

Namdruk MonasterySince the founding of the Drukpa Lineage in 1206, with the sight of nine dragons rearing up into the sky, until today, Tsangpa Gyare and his successors, together with their enlightened disciples have established numerous monastic institutions and humanitarian projects. While several ancient heritages had disappeared due to natural decay and human-related degeneration, we are fortunate that most of them are still in existence. His Holiness said that by a rough count, within the Drukpa Lineage, there should be over 1,000 monasteries and humanitarian projects in the Himalayan region, half of which are outside of Tibet and the remainders can be found mainly in Bhutan, Ladakh, Lahaul, Kinnaur and a minority in some parts of Nepal.

Many of these monasteries and their branches as well as organizations are finding tremendous difficulties to exist in the midst of modernization and unfortunately, aggressive religious colonization. This eventually will result in a degeneration of a spiritual lineage that had been guiding many beings on the path to ultimate freedom since the year 1206.

His Holiness, in his message, says that, " I have been thinking for a long time to publish a book on all the monasteries and activities of the Drukpa Lineage in the Himalayas, especially photographs of many of our old monasteries that have so many old relics and precious wall paintings that could be lost over time..." and that, "Although this is not something about constructing monasteries and feeding nuns and monks or any other humanitarian activities, I feel this project falls under the "Heritage Preservation" in the Live to Love projects. So I am daringly appealing to everyone who wishes to keep our lineage alive to participate in this."


Besides the Heritage Book project, His Holiness has the wish to financially support Venerable Jinba to translate the full biography of Gyalwa Gotsangpa, one of the most accomplished disciples of Tsangpa Gyare, the First Gyalwang Drukpa. For more information of how to support the translation of Gyalwa Gotsangpa, please contact Druk Foundation Ltd. directly.